My nightly routine has been to check the weather for the next day to mentally prepare for rain or sun (yeah, right!).  Last night I noticed that the weather report for Friday was looking grim (rain and thunderstorms…come on!).  I made a last-minute decision to do my long ride and short run today.  I knew that no one would be able to ride with me on such short notice and as early as I needed to go. I also know that it’s good for me to ride alone now and then because the race is a solo adventure and I should get used to it.

I set my alarm for 6:30 am. I couldn’t move. I was tired. While I have been able to get in my training, this week’s family activities were a priority.  I was feeling it. I had swum 50 minutes yesterday at 7:00 am and then ran 13.6 miles at 9:30 am.  Other “stuff” had me going non-stop until 10pm!  Yikes.

But I got up. I got my water bottles and fuel prepared, ate breakfast and I was out the door at 7:45 am.  I know that’s not early for many others, but it is for me.

As I started on my ride, I got bored pretty quickly.  The sun was nowhere to be found and it was gloomy.  At about mile 12, I found myself hoping I would get a flat tire.  At least then I’d have something to do. And then maybe I wouldn’t have to do this nearly 4-hour ride.  I couldn’t believe I was thinking that! What’s wrong with me?I love to ride. I know that the weather has been getting me down. I found myself yearning for the warm sunshine to beat down on me.  I know, I know…be careful what you wish for.

While I was alone with my thoughts for 4 hours, I found myself questioning why I’m doing this.  What will my time for the race be? What will it be like to see my family at the finish line? Will I cry? Will I be happy? Will I want to do it again?  I’m telling you, it gets boring out there.  Perhaps that’s why I like riding with other people…I don’t’ have to be alone with thoughts.

The truth is I am enjoying the training.  That’s a good thing because I’m doing so much of it.  Even though there are days that I feel the fatigue more than others and would like a little more sleep, I’m proud of how far I’ve come. The negative thoughts do pass, and I’m able to get out there and enjoy the journey.

In case you’re wondering, I didn’t get a flat tire and I rode 60 miles!

Hello pillow!