The rain had stopped but left a very wet transition.

The alarm was set for 4:00 am.  Leland kindly set his phone and sort of got up with me. I had a small bowl of cereal (Quaker Oat Squares and skim milk).  The night before I had written a short list of things that I needed to accomplish to be ready for the race start.  It was going to be so early and dark that I wanted to make sure I did and brought everything I needed to the transition and also to the race start.

Here is the list:

-Bring fuel (gels, gel blocks, nut punches and enduralytes)

-Bring 2 chilled water bottles (one water, one PowerBar Perform)

-Bring pump to pump tires

-Bring towel and chain lube to dry bike and re-lube chain after sitting in the rain all night!

-Wear t-shirt and sweatpants to transition

-Turn on Garmin bike computer and calibrate power to be ready for bike start

-Return to hotel

-Change into tri clothes

-Meet family in the lobby to walk to swim start at 6:00 am!

Sofie joined me in transition.  She documented what everything looked like in the dark and kept me company.

When I found my bike, I took off the huge plastic bag covering my bike. I found a wall on the side of transition, dried my bike, wiped my chain, re-lubed my chain, and pumped my tires.  A fellow triathlete asked to borrow my pump.  I knew that would happen and it was totally fine.  It was good to chat with someone.  This was also her first Iron-distance triathlon.

I then turned on my Garmin bike computer and calibrated the power.  It always take a few minutes to work and it the waiting part made me a tad anxious.  I just looked around at the vast transition and breathed.  Yay! It calibrated properly.  I then put my bike back onto the transition rack.  I took a selfie, but it was so dark that I’m don’t think it came out well. I was going to ask someone to take a photo of me, but everyone was so focused on getting their “stuff” together that I didn’t want to bother anyone.  I headed out of transition and found Sofie. As we started to walk balk to the Cabriolet, I had another short panic attack.  What if my bike tires went flat right after I pumped them?  It could happen. I could have done something when I pumped the tires.  Better safe than sorry.  So, I told Sofie I was going back to check the tires.  When I got back to transition, everything was fine! Of course.

The weather was dry, cloudy and not too chilly! So far, so good.