Welcome to my research page on Floatation Therapy and more.

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If you do end up floating at any of the locations mentioned below or another location, I’d love to hear what you thought!

What is floating?
Click here to download a flyer I made to describe the basics. Float e-Flyer

Articles on Floatation Therapy

Articles on Alternative Recovery Techniques and Strategies

Articles on The Business of Floatation


Photos of Float Options

Locations I’ve Floated

Serene Dreams, Kearny, NJ
This location has float pods.

iFloat, Westport, CT
This location has float rooms.

The Healing Trail, Harwinton, CT
This location has float rooms.

PuREST, Trumbull, CT
This location presently has 4 float rooms.

Let It Float, Guilford, CT
This location has 2 float rooms.


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