This post will be short. I just feel like I need to document that the dreams (or nightmares) are beginning.  A friend of mine told me that after she signed up for her first Ironman Race, she would have crazy dreams that involved the big race in some way.  She told me she dreamt that after she got out of the water and entered transition, instead of finding her sleek tri-bike, she found a tricycle!

Although I cannot remember my dream exactly, I remember having the feeling that I didn’t finish the swim.  Boom. Race over. 🙁

I am definitely feeling some anxiety about this race.  Even though I’ve done countless triathlons for 19 years, I have never done this distance.  

As evidenced by my first “anxiety” dream, I feel like I’m in over my head. What I am thinking?  The unknown is scary.

I’ll have to wait and see what I “dream” up next.