Last night I was getting ready for bed and I felt a twinge in my throat. No!!! I cannot be getting sick. That is just not fair. I’ve been traveling a bit more than I would have liked in the month of January and maybe it was starting to catch up to me. So I took some preventative measures, nasal rinse, Zicam and sleep!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been questioning if I have what it takes to train for and complete an iron distance triathlon. I keep thinking that maybe I bit off more than I can chew. Perhaps I could change my mind and cancel. Maybe next year.

This morning I woke up feeling better. I wasn’t going to focus on what might happen. I could only control what I could control. I made a commitment to myself and I’m jumping in with both feet!

I filled my water bottle, grabbed my phone which had my workout and hopped on my bike trainer.

This was it. This was Day One. Everything was in place. After a piece of toasted nutty bread with almond butter and strawberry jam, I was ready.

Today’s workout was a 50 minute trainer ride followed by a 20 minute run. I chose to run outdoors. Today was a balmy 40 degrees.

After the run, I made a recovery smoothie with protein powder, chia seeds, banana and a little chocolate powder. Yum.

For some reason, I was nervous about starting up the Ironman training. I’m glad I got Day One under my belt.