I admit that I have not been great about keeping this blog as timely as possible. While I want to keep a history of my experience, I also want to be “in the now” as much as possible. Taking the time to document everything as it’s happening keeps me from being present. This is a long way of explaining why I have many days between posts.

On Wednesday, we left West Hartford for Montreal. We thought it would be a quick 5 hours. But bad rainy weather, an accident on 91 North with “parking lot” traffic and an hour wait at the Canadian border, turned our drive into almost 9 hours! Once we arrived in Montreal, we thought the worst was behind us.

Unfortunately, this was not to be. Our one room was not big enough to fit all 4 of us, our luggage and my bike. The hotel management told us they had only 2 rooms available and they were both smoking rooms! They took us to view (and smell) them. I almost gagged! Leland, of course, offered to stay there with one of the kids. I wouldn’t allow it. I was ready to have 2 of us stay in this hotel and then I was going to go check the hotel down the street. I went to our room to get my wallet when the front desk called to tell me that they figured out a solution. They found a one-room suite that would fit us all. Hallelujah! One possible “crisis” averted.

Tomorrow morning we head to Mont Tremblant. I hope the rain, the traffic and the hotel accommodations improve.