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My Iron Year

As I trained for my first Iron Man Triathlon, I kept a journal about the experience.

Day One

Last night I was getting ready for bed and I felt a twinge in my throat. No!!! I cannot be getting sick. That is just not fair. I’ve been traveling a bit more than I would have liked in the month of January and maybe it was starting to catch up to me. So I took some...

Is She a Young 88?

Two women were having a conversation in the locker room of my local pool.  One woman, who had just finished her shower, was explaining to the other woman, who I never actually saw, why she hadn’t been at the pool lately.  She had been traveling a lot for...


Ugh. I’ve done everything I could to avoid getting sick. Nasal rinses, nettie pots, zicam, high does of Vitamin C, and rest!  Most times it works (and it even works for my kids).  But this time, I got beat! I was forced to my bed at 7:00 p.m. with the worst sinus...